Color Test Program ctestico.gif (190 bytes)

point.gif (205 bytes) Here’s an easy little program to check the appearance of colors in hex, decimal, HSB, or RGB format.

point.gif (205 bytes) You  can enter color choices in a number of ways, and use the values later in a graphics program.

point.gif (205 bytes) You can check foreground lettering in any color to see how it looks against the background.

point.gif (205 bytes) If you need to modify a color, you can write the foreground in the old color and see how the new color compares.

point.gif (205 bytes) It's a ZIP file, ready to install.   If you don’t have WinZip, you can download it from

point.gif (205 bytes) WinZip is Shareware, and you should register it, but the appointments program is completely free, yours to use as you like, except that you can’t sell it, rent it, or otherwise profit financially from it.

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